Our goal is to migrate a Magic application to Microsoft .NET platform.

Supported Magic versions are:

Outcome and scope of migration

Outcome of migration process is a complete Microsoft .NET source code (default C# 6.0, .NET 4.6, other version on demand). We migrate to .NET Frameworks: Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (MVVM Pattern), .NET ASP MVC (for web applications). New source code is optimized according to quality metrics.

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Brand new in our offer: automatic migration of standalone application to web application: Online tasks (8.3 and 9.4) -> .NET ASP MVC !!!

Supported components are:

- application business logic, including Batch and Online tasks and various data processing modes (Query, Create, Modify, Delete, etc.),
- application forms, including table functionality with .NET designer support,
- database communication (ADO .NET or others on demand), SQL code generation,
- record main translation (legacy applications),
- graphic reports and printouts (Microsoft Report Viewer or internal .NET printouts generator),
- text reports, text file import and generation,
- PDF generation from graphic reports (using Microsoft Report Viewer or third party components),
- communication with external executable applications,
- communication with external libraries (partial support, requires .NET compliance of these libraries).

Other functionality may be supported on demand.

Migration scope usually covers 95-100% of functionality of the original application.

Migration process

Fully automated migration process usually consists of 3 to 5 stages, depending on the complexity of migrated application. Migration steps are the following:

Migration process usually takes 4-6 months, depending on the complexity of migrated application. There is no need for development freeze of the original Magic application during the migration process.

Quality of migration process

Our goal is to provide a high quality migration process. Automated tests are an inherent part of the migration and are manually created during the project. All created tests are delivered together with the application as a complete package. Generated source code is highly unified due to machine translation.

Quick estimation of conversion cost

Yumasoft has developed a unique evaluation method for migration projects which is fast and reliable. You are not obliged to sign NDA and send us your Magic source code in order to estimate the budget of migration project.

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